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When should you consider seeking professional help with therapy? If you or a loved one is looking into a therapist and you find it difficult, don’t be discouraged. It is common to have feelings of anxiousness and apprehension when first contemplating therapy, seeing a psychiatrist, a psychologist, or any other type of counselor. Morgan Center, while based in Boca Raton, frequently serves clients looking for an experienced therapist in our sister community, Delray Beach FL.

What causes anxiety about seeking therapy? Often, it relates to the many misconceptions surrounding therapy and counseling. Even for those who understand therapy and the therapeutic process, it is still very natural to be hesitant about beginning to address those aspects of our lives that are troublesome.

The first step towards overcoming anxiety about therapy is recognizing that one reason you are seeking therapy is that you are wanting to experience positive change in your life. Recognizing when you should consider psychotherapy is crucial and this step alone, while difficult, can feel like a significant accomplishment in the road to instituting positive changes.

If you are ready to seek professional help but are still searching for a Therapist in Delray Beach FL, consider Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing. Our experience in treating trauma, grief, and anxiety with a compassionate, patient-centered approach has been successful for others facing similar challenges. We use various therapeutic modalities, including EMDR Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, among others. Considering individual therapy can seem dauting at times, but we find that making the first appointment is often the biggest first step.

When Should You Consider Psychotherapy?
When considering therapy, it is important to understand that the choice to overcome anxiety and other issues impacting your life is a major step toward helping move toward positive change. Therapy, while difficult at times, can also be rewarding. There are many potential benefits of counseling and therapy.

For example, psychotherapy is an excellent option for many who feel their quality of life is not where it should be. Quality of life issues addressed in therapy can mean addressing feelings of  depression or anxiety, dealing with prior traumatic experience, or simply developing a plan for improving one’s life.

Another common challenge that leads people into counseling and therapy is grief over a sudden loss of someone close to them. Still, others use counselors to help them overcome traumatic experiences that continue to impact their ability to enjoy their daily life.

Some signs that therapy and counseling could be helpful are:

  • Your actions for coping with stress are creating turmoil and causing harm to you or others.
  • You lose interest in your hobbies or activities you typically enjoy.
  • You stress about everything more than you should and frequently feel unable to relax.
  • You have problems being able to fulfill work duties or school obligations and find simple daily tasks difficult to perform.
  • Your problems seem to be compounding, even with your existing support resources.
  • You experience feelings of helplessness and prolonged sadness.

Finding A Solution That Works For You
Counseling and Therapy can be highly effective when it comes to overcoming problems impacting your daily life and even when making significant decisions in life. Therapy offers a safe place and the opportunity to find resolutions so that you can experience a better quality of life.

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