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Sometimes asking for help can be hard. If you or a loved one is experiencing anxiety or depression problems, consulting a Boca Raton Counseling Center is the safest way to get positive results. In this article, we will cover Anxiety & Depression Counseling.

ANXIETY COUNSELING – Learn to Manage Fear & Panic

Have you ever experienced intense fear? Feeling out of control? Suffering from panic attacks, obsessive thinking, or compulsive behavior?

You are not alone! Leading medical journals approximate that roughly 18% to 20% of the general public suffers from chronic anxiety, panic attacks, and disabling fears.

Anxiety issues are caused by a variety of reasons which can be inter-related:

  • Chemical causes: abuse of marijuana, alcohol, and other controlled or prescription drugs.
  • Biological causes: metabolic and chemical imbalances in the body or brain
  • Long term causes: chronic stress, childhood trauma, and heredity
  • Situational causes: grief, being reminded of past emotional traumas, major personal losses due to death or divorce, threats to personal or financial security due to significant life changes. 

At Morgan Center for Counseling & Wellbeing, we work to assess the root cause of anxiety by first gathering the necessary information and the developing a plan for anxiety treatment that helps both with the root cause and the symptoms. We will tailor an individual treatment plan to teach specific strategies for coping with and overcoming the reoccurring anxiety and fear.  

We also teach easy and enduring techniques for methodically relaxing your mind and body which can be used at home, work, or while traveling to lower the probability of recurring stress or anxiety.


Depression is a human feeling and experience that has existed since the beginning of recorded history. It is a condition that can heavily influence your emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions of yourself. Depression can affect the way you sleep and eat, your perception of reality, and the way you view the past and the future. Depression frequently can have demoralizing effects on your health, friends, and family.


Depression can impact your energy level (typically low when depressed), literally sapping the energy to meet family and work demands. It causes some to avoid activities that they used to take pleasure in, regular exercise, diet, sexual intimacy, and interactions with family, friends, and even co-workers. Depression can also result in inability to control intense moods of sadness or anger due to strong patterns of negative thinking.

With  treatment from a reputable Boca Raton counseling center, a client experiencing depression can reduce the occurrence of self-defeating thoughts, unpredictable emotional outbursts, and self-destructive behavior.


Our clients suffering from depression can respond very well to counseling and therapy sessions.  In fact, leading research shows that many who receive professional treatment experience significant recovery from their symptoms. It is important to understand and evaluate each person’s medical, family, and personal history to accurately identify the safest and most effective treatment strategy so there is the greatest possibility of success.

Morgan Center for Counseling & Wellbeing provides a comprehensive treatment approach based on cognitive and cognitive-behavioral principles and procedures. We use numerous treatment modalities to individualize treatment plans. We work closely with you to provide the best treatment possible in all areas of emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

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