Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Holistic healing & empowerment.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is a highly effective and experiential form of therapy that approaches healing from a deeply caring and healing perspective. We believe that every person contains, in their own subconscious mind, the keys to healing and wellbeing.

Our Approach

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy utilizes a holistic and integrative approach that incorporates various forms of therapy while in a more relaxed and focused state, hypnosis, allowing for deeper understanding and facilitates movement toward healing.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy allows you to go beneath the conscious mind to understand the source of any distressing emotions or patterns you may be experiencing.

This allows you to heal the parts that no longer serve you and connect with the full range of healthy choices available to you.

How It Works

By relaxing into the subconscious mind, which contains 90% of the functioning mind, we bypass the limiting and analytical thinking and directly access long-term memory and emotions. Here you discover the root of emotional distress and begin to heal and arrive at a place of loving self-acceptance and self-worth.

Hypnotherapy has been successful with helping to gain insight, increase coping tools, learn to relax, heal trauma as well as anxiety, depression, and reducing bad habits.

During a consultation, you and the therapist will explore hypnotherapy further as well as the issues that you would like to address.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy
What can I expect from Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy?
  • Experience a more relaxed and focused state of mind
  • Learn tools to relax and ground yourself in daily life
  • Gain more insight into the source of current issues that contribute to stuck emotions, behavior patterns, and unhealthy habits so that you can begin to release these issues
  • Connect with the Wise part of yourself that makes healthy choices that increase well being and keep you moving forward toward healing and life satisfaction
  • Learn to love and show compassion toward the wounded parts of yourself so that healing can happen
  • Actively participate in your healing and personal growth by accessing a fuller range of healthy choices and inner resilience that nurture and support you
  • Empowerment as you connect with healing through your own inner resources

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy incorporates the useful healing and relaxation properties of hypnosis within a clinical setting. A clinical hypnotherapist must obtain a certification for practicing hypnotherapy in order to fully understand both its uses and limitations.

Introducing clinical hypnotherapy into your individual counseling plan provides opportunities for addressing issues such as habits that no longer suit you, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and goals relating to personal growth and self-improvement. Hypnotherapy can help you get to the root of issues that are causing negative impacts or feelings in your life. 

Integrative Hypnosis

Integrative Hypnosis is the process of combining a wide range of approaches and models into a single plan unique to every individual. Some of the more common modalities we might utilize include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Client-Centered Therapy, and EMDR.

We believe hypnotherapy is best used as an effective resource when combined with other proven counseling modalities. By integrating various approaches along with hypnosis, we are able to best guide you forward through your journey to well-being and happiness.