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Top 5 Reasons People Refuse Counseling

Don’t be afraid of searching for counseling Boca Raton. The benefits of counseling and professional therapy are many. There really is something to gain for everyone, regardless of your stage in life or what you hope to accomplish. So, if that is true, why do so many people still refuse to try counseling? Let’s take a look.

Top 5 Reasons People Refuse Counseling

“Counseling and therapy are for people who are weak.”

  • This misconception about counseling is far too common and is wholly untrue. People weren’t made to go through life alone and counseling gives you a chance to talk with someone who wants to help and has the expertise in helping people remove obstacles to their happiness. Choosing to talk about these obstacles can be empowering, and many people even describe their counseling and therapy experiences as liberating .

“My life is boring and I have nothing important to talk about.”

  • Life is a personal journey. Things that some people may label as unimportant could actually be holding them back from progress in their lives. The same may go for the effects of experiences that we don’t realize may be keeping us from happiness. One key benefit of counseling and therapy gaining a new perspective on your life from a trained professional. This can help you see new possibilities that you didn’t know were there. The opportunity to explore things like how you handle difficult situations or why you hold certain memories close opens up an avenue to discuss other meaningful topics and clear the path to a more peaceful and productive life.

“I’d get more out of talking with a close friend than a counselor.”

  • Support systems are important for everyone. Close friends and family members are great resources. However, some topics are difficult to talk about with people close to you. And, those people may be intertwined in the issues. Giving honest, objective perspectives to someone you care about can be difficult without contributing a personal opinion. Counselors are required to remain objective and are trained to guide you through negative feelings when talking about difficult topics. They are also trained to deal with the issues that sometimes arise when dealing with these difficult situations.

“Just talking about things can’t actually change anything.”

  • The therapeutic value of personal exploration is widely accepted in the therapy community. The benefits of talking with someone who is non-judgmental and cares for your well-being is one of main reasons counseling has become more popular over the past decade. However, counseling involves more than just talking. Counselors help show you healthy ways to solve problems and deal with painful memories using techniques like EMDR or Hypnotherapy to incorporate aspects beyond verbal discussion.

“I don’t want to talk bad about people.”

  • Talking during counseling sessions is not the same as gossiping. Counselors help you understand how other’s words or actions relate to you. This includes talking about spouses and family members. Relationships are complex and it is okay to disapprove of something someone you love does. A counselor helps to keep you focused on your role in the relationship and offers insight into what your personal reactions to others means to you.

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