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LCSW vs LMHC in West Boca Raton Counseling

If you’re interested in West Boca Raton Counseling, you probably have some general questions. One of the more common questions people have regarding mental health professionals is why there are different licenses. Many mental health professionals and patients often contend that there are no significant differences between practices, yet that simply isn’t true. So what is the difference between a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)?

The article below will explain these licenses and what sets one apart from the other. It will also outline some of the fundamental differences in how an LCSW and an LMHC would approach handling a plausible scenario with a specific patient. If you’re already prepared to begin scheduling a session and are looking for mental health counseling in West Boca Raton, consider making an appointment with us at Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing.

Differences Between LCSW and LMHC in Counseling

Although the functions of an LCSW and an LMHC are similar in numerous ways, there are many differences between the two. First, the educational requirements for both types of counselors vary greatly. For instance, an LCSW requires a master’s degree in social work whereas an LMHC requires a master’s degree in counseling.

As a result, the underlying philosophy with which either type of mental health professional works from will rarely be the same. Furthermore, an LCSW must accumulate a minimum of 2 years of supervised experience specifically under a qualified supervising LCSW whereas an LMHC may be licensed after training under supervision from mental health specialties differing from their own.

To better understand the differences between an LCSW and an LMHC, I’ll present a plausible scenario with a patient. Greg is a single, middle-aged man who works for a shipping company. He begins therapy because he is experiencing depressive episodes. The approaches taken by each mental health professional to answer the question, “Why is Greg feeling depressed?” will be rooted in two fundamentally different philosophies.

Approach of Licensed Clinical Social Workers

A licensed clinical social worker takes a more holistic counseling approach. The goal of LCSWs is to connect someone with the resources he or she requires in order to obtain their personal goals in therapy. Generally, a licensed clinical social worker will look at strengthening Greg’s resources, which could be either internal or external. Internal resources include personal factors, such as work skills and emotional strengths, while external resources include supporting factors, such as community support and assistance. In other words, LCSWs view personal, economic, societal, home, and career together and focus on empowering a person’s strengths to overcome obstacles. However, an LCSW will also attend to psychological and social development factors if relevant in regard to any client.

Approach of Licensed Mental Health Counselor

A licensed mental health counselor (also referred to as a licensed professional counselor) takes a more individualistic approach. The goal of LCMHs is to improve developmental flaws impeding a person’s wellbeing. Generally, a mental health counselor will look at how psychological and social development is affecting Greg, then develop a treatment plan focusing on improving overall wellness. The approach an LMHC takes is generally flexible and highly individualized depending on which methodology is most likely to be effective.

Finding Counseling in West Boca Raton

If you’re looking for West Boca Raton counseling and are unsure if an LCSW or an LMHC is more appropriate for you, don’t fret. Making the decision to begin counseling is a powerful start and speaking directly with a therapist in Boca Raton is a great way to answer any concerns you might have. At Morgan Center, we take an integrative, patient-centered counseling approach with various psychotherapy modalities available. Each client is given an effective chance to tackle their therapy goals in a peaceful setting with a compassionate counselor. Contact a counselor today to learn more about how we can help with guiding you towards self-discovery and, ultimately, personal wellbeing.

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