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EMDR – What Is It and How Does It Work?

There are numerous EMDR therapists near Delray Beach. This form of treatment is becoming more and more popular. And, although the various theories on how eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) works aren’t conclusive, it has been widely adopted as an effective treatment modality. At first, EMDR treatment was only thought to be a treatment for those suffering from the effects of traumatic experiences. After its widespread adoption into the mental health community, EMDR treatment has since been examined for its benefits in treating a wide array of conditions beyond trauma and PTSD counseling.

How Did EMDR Begin?

EMDR treatment was actually only developed in the late 80’s. While walking through a park, psychologist Francine Shapiro discovered a simple way to calm her troubled thoughts and emotions. She conducted a clinical study and found that her clients, too, shared similar experiences. Once she submitted her findings in a medical journal, other researchers showed interest and began trying the practice themselves. Today, there are tens of thousands of mental health professionals trained in what we now refer to as EMDR treatment.

How Does EMDR Work?

What Shapiro noticed while walking in the park was a calming sensation that occurred when she began to look at her surroundings by moving her eyes back and forth. The initial theories for how EMDR works revolved around this particular type of eye movement. It’s believed that moving the eyes back and forth in such a way permits the brain to process and store information, much like REM sleep. However, the other main factor contributing to EMDR’s efficacy is the process of focusing our thoughts on distressing events while the therapist guides those thoughts towards more positive ideas. Similar to exposure therapy, the person will continuously focus on the event he or she is working on until the distressing emotions attributed to the event diminish.

What Conditions Does EMDR Treat?

Since its acceptance into the mental health community, therapists and counselors have looked at ways to take advantage of the benefits of EMDR treatment. Because treatment sessions don’t necessarily require the patient to verbalize what they are thinking or feeling, and instead focus on recognizing and shifting thoughts or sensations from negative ones to positive ones, EMDR has become a resource to promote relaxation and inner tranquility for many. It’s also been found as a safe option for treating conditions like OCD, phobias, and potentially psychosis. As more studies are conducted, the applications for EMDR could continue to grow as does our own understanding.

Where Can I Find EMDR in Delray Beach?

Though its adoption into the mental health community has been substantial, it’s important to understand what to look for when searching for an EMDR therapist near Delray Beach. Finding an experienced, certified EMDR therapist who teaches resourcing tools to manage distressing emotions, understands trauma, and maintains a safe and compassionate therapeutic environment is paramount to having a beneficial experience. Of course, you can always request a Delray Beach therapy appointment with us at Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing. Our clients have shared moving experiences with us regarding how EMDR helped to benefit them and we would be happy to help you on your journey to finding a more peaceful and satisfying life.

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EMDR Delray Beach

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