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Is Hypnotherapy Right For You?

Hypnosis has a fascinating, albeit wildly inaccurate portrayal in mainstream media. The idea of someone becoming hypnotized and unwillingly controlled is a popular misconception still widely held in our culture today. Fortunately, more people are beginning to recognize the useful benefits hypnosis provides them, especially when applied in a therapeutic context. So if you’re considering hypnotherapy in Delray Beach and wondering if it’s right for you, read on.

The way that hypnotherapy works is scientific, not through mysticism or magic. In short, hypnosis allows an individual to enter into a relaxed, hyper-focused state, known as a hypnotic state. While in a hypnotic state, the brain is much more susceptible to suggestion because the subconscious, rather than the conscious mind, is leading. Here are some of the positive considerations for hypnosis in conjunction with a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy Can Improve Self-Control In Areas You Have Previously Struggled

Almost everyone has some personal “vice” or undesirable tendency. Unfortunately, some of those “vices” develop into long-standing habits or preconceptions that become more difficult to break every day. Whether it’s problems with procrastination, smoking cessation, or something more sinister, the process of overcoming obstacles on our own free will can be extremely challenging.

Most habits or preconceptions are connected to a part of the unconscious mind, which is what is driving the behavior or belief. Hypnotherapy allows people to bridge that gap and reach their subconscious mind. A certified hypnotherapist addresses the underlying issues and reinforces self-empowering beliefs, essentially reprogramming the mind.

Hypnotherapy Can Be More Effective When Combined with Conventional Therapy

Although every individual’s needs are different, one significant reason to consider hypnotherapy in Delray Beach is its proven effectiveness. Whereas individual therapy and counseling sessions that use only conventional approaches can take longer than using a combined approach. It is not unusual for a client in clinical hypnotherapy to experience changes after only a handful of sessions. Better still, when combined with ongoing therapy or other modalities like EMDR, patients improve their chances for achieving lasting results for each of their counseling goals.

There Are Many Applications Of Hypnotherapy

Probably the most practical reason to consider hypnotherapy in Delray Beach is its versatility in treatment. Among other well-known benefits of hypnotherapy, it’s common to find people who visit a hypnotherapist to improve self-image, relieve insomnia, quiet racing thoughts, and overcome stressful situations in a safe and relaxing setting. In fact, hypnosis is now commonly used in other clinical settings, such as dentistry, due to its benefits for promoting relaxation and documented pain-relieving potential. 

If you’re still unsure whether or not hypnotherapy is right for you, reach out to Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing for more information. Our Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy program near Delray Beach is a highly-effective holistic approach with many useful applications. We focus on empowering patients to gain personal insight and reach their counseling goals in order to ultimately live a life of self-fulfillment.

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Hypnotherapy Delray Beach

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