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Varying Styles of Mental Health Therapy in Boca Raton

If you’re dealing with mental health issues, you aren’t alone. Many people from all walks of life struggle with maintaining their mental health every day. Fortunately for people who are located locally, there is mental health therapy in Boca Raton available that can provide you with the support you need to improve your life.

There are countless situations that cause people to feel overwhelmed in life. Living with trauma, grief and bereavement, enduring sadness, and anxious thoughts are all common areas that can benefit from ongoing individual counseling and therapy. With the professional assistance of a qualified therapist, you can begin working through these problems in a healthy way.

Due to the many different styles of therapy available, the prospect of beginning therapy alone can sometimes seem overwhelming itself. The purpose of the following article is to offer some guidance on choosing a mental health professional suitable to help you achieve the peace in life you deserve. If you’d rather speak to a counselor directly about starting mental health therapy in Boca Raton, please contact Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing for assistance.

Varying Styles of Therapy

Counseling and therapy covers a wide range of focus areas but ultimately aims to achieve a similar goal; to help people attain a healthier, more balanced state of mind leading to a happier life. The numerous benefits of ongoing therapy sessions are available to people of different age groups and backgrounds, many of whom prefer one style of therapy over another. Some examples of popular styles of therapy today include psychoanalysis, integrative counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and hypnotherapy.

Psychoanalysis – Founded by Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis uses techniques to examine unconscious thoughts contributing to conscious behaviors. While not as common as it once was, psychoanalysis therapy can help people to gain insight into repressed emotions and experiences motivating current behaviors and thoughts.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a fairly new form of psychotherapy that has quickly become one of the most popular styles in use today. The goal of CBT is to identify the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to develop strategies for avoiding dangerous patterns.

Integrative Counseling – Integrative counseling takes advantage of the many different psychotherapy techniques available by applying aspects from each in an integrated, personalized treatment plan. Counselors that provide integrative counseling are highly trained in specialized focus areas, enabling them to provide guidance and support using multiple proven modalities.

Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapy combines the principles of hypnosis with certain psychotherapy techniques in order to gain personal insight. The application of hypnotherapy is known to increase patient understanding, promote relaxation, and helps people to alter unhelpful thinking patterns leading to unhealthy behaviors.

Find Mental Health Therapy in Boca Raton

Although there are many styles of therapy to consider, the most important part of counseling and therapy is the relationship between the patient and provider. Above all, patients should feel trusting and comfortable working with the mental health therapy provider they choose.

Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing provides mental health therapy in Boca Raton using various proven modalities. Our mission is to promote positive mental health in a relaxing, compassionate manner. To schedule an appointment soon, please fill out our contact form or call 561-717-2900 to speak with a Boca Raton therapist directly.

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Mental Health Therapy Boca Raton

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