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5 Reasons People Choose Not to Find a Counselor Near Me

If you’re considering your options for finding a ‘counselor near me’, you’re well on your way to making a positive change in your life. Although almost everyone can benefit from ongoing therapy and counseling, there are still many common reasons why people won’t consider seeing a counselor.

Reaching the decision to get help for your mental health is a deeply personal one. The relationship between you and a therapist is one that develops over time, but the simple prospect of starting that process distresses many people.

Found below are some of the common reasons why people choose not to participate in mental health counseling as well as counterpoints to consider.

5 Reasons People Choose Not to Try Counseling

#1. “I tried therapy and it didn’t work.”

The reasons people begin therapy are many. It could be on the advice of a friend or loved one, wanting to overcome a personal struggle, or something else entirely. What’s more, we experience life differently at different points in time. Therapy can take time to influence new changes and the dynamic between the client and mental health professional is a critical component of the process. If you’re looking for a ‘counselor near me’ and are reluctant because of past experiences, remain hopeful. It’s possible to build on the progress you made during your previous experience and, with the right counselor, create positive lasting change.

#2. “I can’t afford professional counseling.”

The cost of counseling services vary and many people cite these costs as their reason to not try. Instead, consider counseling an investment in yourself. The effects of therapy can influence changes that positively impact every facet of life, enriching everything from personal relationships to professional productivity. Moreover, it can help to improve or lessen financially destructive behaviors that may be occurring.

#3. “Talking about problems doesn’t solve anything.”

Psychotherapy is a specialized field with proven benefits. The modalities used by professional therapists are purposefully designed to induce positive mental and behavioral changes over time. Although the majority of counseling sessions is spent in therapeutic dialogue, it’s important to remember that you are being guided through the process by a licensed mental health professional specially trained to utilize proven psychotherapy techniques.

#4. “I have nothing important to talk about.”

One of the most amazing aspects of therapy is how widely useful it can be. Many people begin their search for a ‘counselor near me’ with only a general idea in mind of what they want to achieve. Once started, the focus of your sessions can cover everything from personal enrichment and life fulfillment to more individualized needs, such as PTSD treatment. Speaking with a counselor can also help to reveal new areas that you wish to improve that you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

#5. “Seeking therapy means I am weak.”

Although the stigma of participating in mental health counseling has lessened over the years, there are still many people who view seeing a therapist as a weakness or failure. On the contrary, facing life’s difficulties and admitting you can’t do everything on your own is courageous and mature. Counseling gives you an opportunity to build on this maturity and explore areas of your life with the support you need to overcome challenges holding you back from living a cherished life.

Find a Counselor Near Me

If you’ve been searching for a ‘counselor near me’ and are located in the Boca Raton area, consider letting us help. Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing uses a client-centered, integrative approach that is catered to every individual’s needs. We provide a compassionate, soothing environment to work through life’s difficulties using a variety of proven modalities.

Even if you are feeling reluctant about whether or not counseling is for you, please consider speaking with our Boca Raton therapist to learn more about how we can help you on your journey to peace and fulfillment.

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