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Understanding Hypnosis in Counseling

Before seeking out Boca Raton hypnotherapy, you should understand how it works and some common uses. Although many people still don’t believe in the power of hypnosis, evidence now proves it can be used to solve many psychological and medical conditions.

By accessing the deeply relaxed state of the subconscious mind, the hypnotherapist works with the client for positive change by directly recommending suggestions. Healing from trauma, conquering emotional problems, eliminating unhealthy behaviors, minimizing stress, and weight loss are all frequent applications of hypnotherapy.

Origin of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis, in some form, has been found to have been used among many ancient civilizations and can be traced as far back as Roman society. Over time, people learning and practicing hypnosis began to gain a deeper understanding of human psychology. The concept of hypnosis as we know it was eventually refined in the 15th and 16th centuries.

By the 18th century, a German doctor named Franz Antoine Mesmer began practicing hypnosis, although his methods still remained in question. As it advanced, well-known leaders in the mental health field started documenting the practices in hopes of gaining a better understanding of hypnotherapy applications.

The first actual physician to solely practice modern hypnotherapy was William J. Bryan, who later established the American Institute of Hypnosis in 1955. Now, many different forms of hypnotherapy exist around the world and clinical studies have continuously proven it to have a diverse range of verified applications.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

First, the client and therapist agree on specific goals for the session. A hypnotherapist then guides the client into a relaxed hypnotic state.  Once in a hypnotic state, the therapist will begin to direct the agreed upon suggestions while the client is in the very relaxed state. 

The current belief is that hypnotherapy works by communicating with the unconscious part of the brain while suppressing the analytical thought process. Since the subconscious is deeply rooted and highly instinctive, accepting suggestions can lead to substantial behavioral or emotional changes.

For instance, someone who is fearful can have trouble overcoming that fear because the subconscious still retains the fear. By accessing the subconscious or “wise” part of the mind, it is easier to accept and retain the changes.

How Is Hypnotherapy Used?

In counseling, hypnosis is generally used to modify behavior, emotions, and attitudes. Many people use hypnotherapy to tackle common problems, enhance confidence, and improve daily living. It is also used to treat trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, and overcome other problems such as excessive eating and smoking.

Clinical hypnosis, in use with ongoing counseling, is a proven tool for promoting healing and personal growth. So whether you are looking for insight to overcome specific problems or motivate yourself to live a better life, hypnotherapy can help.

However, it’s vitally important that you find a certified provider of hypnotherapy in Boca Raton or elsewhere. Certified hypnotherapists are specially trained in understanding the uses and limitations regarding the effectiveness of every session.

At Morgan Center, we provide Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy at our Boca Raton counseling office. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy can help you or to schedule an appointment with us, call (561) 717-2900.

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