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Goals of Depression Therapy

Depression is a deeply personal issue that can profoundly impact every facet of daily living, especially when untreated. Even minor depression can lead to negative consequences impacting everything from personal ambitions to work and relationships with close friends and family. Depression therapy provides people with the opportunity to finally begin taking steps to arrest its undesirable symptoms and find a peaceful and joyous reprieve.

The goals for depression therapy, however, involve more than simply eradicating symptoms. Rather, treatment for depression begins with learning to understand certain aspects of how depression affects your life and how you can correct different patterns contributing to depressive episodes. Some of the attainable goals found in a treatment plan for depression therapy are as follows:

Goals of Depression Therapy

Gain an understanding of depression.

The main objective of this goal is to gain an understanding of how depression itself is affecting your life. Here we will identify the initial and ongoing symptoms you are encountering as well as what situations trigger depressive episodes and what the consequences of acting out on depression could look like.

Address underlying issues contributing to depression.

Accepting the problems that depression can cause along with identifying anything provoking depressive feelings is typically the primary focus for the second goal of depression therapy. In addition, we will also discuss how you have been handling depressive feelings so far and identify if there are any symptoms being exacerbated due to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as excessive alcohol use, neglecting personal hygiene, or binge eating.

Overcome the desire to isolate or avoid.

Two of the most common symptoms of depression are a desire to isolate or avoid discussing difficult topics. By discussing these things in a safe and compassionate atmosphere, you learn to reduce these tendencies while strengthening your ability to reach out for support.

Correct irrational and negative thinking patterns.

Another goal that depression counseling helps to achieve is correcting irrational thinking patterns that often exacerbate depression. We will identify any areas where negative thinking is holding you back while introducing strategies to replace negative thoughts with positive substitutes.

Learn healthy coping techniques.

Learning new ways to handle depressive episodes is perhaps the greatest takeaway patients receive in depression therapy. We will introduce new tools to promote happiness and relaxation while identifying different responses you can take when experiencing something triggering any depressive thoughts or feelings.

Discover a life worth cherishing.

The ultimate goal of depression therapy is to learn to manage it into a state of remission. When depression therapy is combined with other successful approaches, it is possible to reduce its overall impact on your life and begin living a cherished life and experience peace and joy.

At Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing, we have found EMDR treatment and hypnotherapy along with ongoing counseling have proven successful for treating depression, but ultimately the journey to wellbeing begins with you. Contact Morgan Center to schedule an appointment with a therapist in Boca Raton and begin your own personal journey towards peace today.

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Depression Therapy

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