Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression
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Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression

Heart-Centered hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and hypnotic suggestion are all names for a specific variety of therapy that involves putting persons into a trance-like state. Attaining this state is deliberate to encourage focus in an individual. In this attentive state, a person’s ability to access thoughts and feelings can enhance their success in resolving the impacts of anxiety and depression. Morgan Center for Counseling & Wellbeing specializes in hypnosis for anxiety and depression. Call today to schedule an appointment for heart-centered hypnotherapy. 561-717-2900

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that has been used for many years and has become extremely popular within the clinical community for treating anxiety and depression. Researchers have successfully proven that heart-centered hypnotherapy can help treat a wide variety of conditions, from trauma to anxiety and depression. The main goal of hypnotherapy is to help any patient learn how to better control their state of awareness. In the case of depression, hypnotherapy sessions may be focused on helping a person achieve a heightened state of relaxation. When a patient is in this relaxed state, they are more comfortable discussing their emotions and feelings without raising anxiety and stress levels.

How does hypnotherapy work

Generally, a hypnotherapy session will last about an hour. A professionally trained therapist uses various relaxation techniques to assist and guide you into the desired hypnotic state. Once in this state, you are still aware and conscious. Your mind and body become more relaxed, enhancing your ability to work on issues impacting your life.

Our therapist’s clinical hypnotherapy work will depend on the behavior or condition that you are seeking to resolve. Hypnotherapy will assist with targeting unhealthy or unwanted habits with the goal being to replace them with healthier behaviors. Examples include being able to better control depression, anxiety or adjusting negative thought patterns that could be worsening your depression symptoms.

Benefits of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy offers the ability to help treat you without the need for additional medications or invasive therapies. Leading medical journals and higher learning centers consider clinical hypnotherapy a safe treatment option, with minimal side effects.

In some cases, hypnotherapy may not work for everyone. In most cases, hypnotherapy is known as complementary therapy. This means we can use hypnotherapy in addition to other treatments for anxiety and depression to enhance an overall sense of well-being, lift mood, and boost feelings of hopefulness. Hypnotherapists use it to treat a number of conditions, including anxiety and depression.

A person with depression experiences a wide variety of emotions. Hypnotherapy can help a person learn to reduce and/or better control feelings of anxiety, stress, and sadness. Hypnotherapy is also used to treat negative behaviors that could be worsening a person’s depression. Some of the benefits of hypnotherapy include:

  • Empowerment as you connect with healing through your own inner resources
  • Actively participate in your healing and personal growth by accessing a fuller range of healthy choices and inner resilience that nurture and support you
  • Learn to love and show compassion toward the wounded parts of yourself so that healing can happen
  • Connect with the Wise part of yourself that makes healthy choices that increase well being and keep you moving forward toward healing and life satisfaction
  • Gain more insight into the source of current issues that contribute to stuck emotions, behavior patterns, and unhealthy habits so that you can begin to release these issues
  • Learn tools to relax and ground yourself in daily life
  • Experience a more relaxed and focused state of mind

Morgan Center for Counseling & Wellbeing specializes in hypnosis for anxiety and depression. Call today to schedule an appointment for heart-centered hypnotherapy. 561-717-2900

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression

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