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Coping During a Pandemic and Online Counseling

This pandemic has upended our lives and the routines that we took for granted.  The global storm that is Covid-19, has brought major changes to our day-to-day lives.  The uncertainty of when our lives will return to some sense of normalcy frustrates our ability to do what is required of us and manage the necessary restrictions to safeguard our health. There are numerous support options available including online counseling. You don’t have to face this alone.

We find ourselves in a significant adjustment period with limited mobility, decreased social contact, and navigating work and school from home.  This adjustment period can affect us in different ways as we attempt to adapt to the new realities imposed on us.  The DSM-5 bases the diagnosis of adjustment disorders as a response to major life stressors that may impact our ability to function and increase symptoms such as depression and anxiety as well as behavioral issues that affect relationships, family, school or work.

It is not uncommon to hear clients share their anxiety about the uncertainty that comes with a global health crisis that is beyond their control and the fear of getting ill.  Others talk about the stress of navigating the difficulties of getting supplies and the depression of feeling isolated and disconnected.  Some experience feelings of agitation, restlessness and impatience feeling restricted and contained with few outlets for personal space or activity.

No one expected this stressful ongoing event and how impactful it would be on every part of our lives.  We did not imagine that we would face a health crisis that would affect so many with so much loss of life.  So, how are we to cope?  How are we to deal with the realities of daily life while we fear for our own health and the wellbeing of our loved ones?  How are we to feel while this virus ravages the lives of so many?

There is no playbook, no planner, no real emotional preparation.  We simply do the best we can.  We focus our attention on what we can do.  We allow ourselves to slow down.  We do not try to fill every moment with productive angst.  We make a routine that works for us and our family and we are kind and gently with ourselves and others as we do.  We share our feelings, our fears and concerns, and we listen to others.  We do not push ourselves too hard and we take time, time now gifted to us, for things we enjoy.  These joyful activities are beyond the daily responsibility like managing work, school, children, and relationships in tight quarters.  Yes, we are gentler and patient with ourselves as we adjust and adapt to these challenging and uncertain times.

Online Counseling Support Is Available

Talk to others and ask for what you need.  If you find that you need extra support along the way, accept this and know that it takes a strong person to ask for help.  Doing so is self-care and can help you to better manage stress and emotional ups and downs.  Morgan Center is available to listen and offer support through video Telehealth online counseling sessions that are easy and convenient to use.  If you need additional support, you can call a therapist at Morgan Center in Boca Raton or you can book a session online by clicking here.  We are here to support you.

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