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Hypnotherapist in Boca Raton & Delray Beach

Hypnotherapy For Positive Inner Growth & Healing

If you’re looking for a certified hypnotherapist in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area, we can help. Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing provides a variety of counseling services, including Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. The use of hypnotherapy in mental health counseling gives people the opportunity to reinforce positive truths while supporting them through the process of inner growth and personal healing.

We all need support. The purpose of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is to give you the support you are looking for in a safe, clinical setting using a proven and effective modality. A hypnotherapist guides you through distressing emotions and patterns you might be experiencing while opening a part of your subconscious mind to gain understanding for inner growth and, ultimately, personal healing.

Hypnotherapist Boca Raton Delray Beach

Our hypnotherapist safely guides you through this process in a relaxing environment while empowering you to overcome difficulties you might be having with distressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Hypnotherapy is a powerful mental health resource that can motivate you to discover the self-worth and self-acceptance you deserve.

    Hypnotherapist Boca Raton & Delray Beach | Find Help With…

    • Discovering personal growth and lasting inner peace
    • Examining harmful inner dialogue
    • Addressing problems with self-esteem and self-worth
    • Promoting better relaxation and focus
    • Gaining insight into issues contributing to undesirable emotions
    • Connecting with inner resources for personal empowerment
    • Actively engaging in healthier life choices
    • Healing wounded parts of the self

    Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy:

    Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is an integrative counseling technique that utilizes the benefits of hypnosis in psychotherapy. The way Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy works is by promoting relaxation for connecting individuals to their subconscious mind, which is responsible for 90% of mental functionality. This process allows you to bypass the analytical mind while accessing out of reach memories or hidden emotions. By finding and addressing the root of your emotional distress, gaining lasting peace and personal wellbeing is possible.

    Hypnotherapist in Boca Raton & Delray Beach:

    Jody Morgan, LCSW, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist serving the Boca Raton and Delray Beach communities. Specializing in promoting personal growth and healing for people has been his focus since becoming a clinical therapist. Jody also provides EMDR treatment, individual counseling, trauma counseling, and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. To request an appointment for any counseling services or to learn more about how hypnotherapy can benefit you, please fill out a contact form or call (561) 717-2900.
    Morgan Center is located at 2499 Glades Road, Ste. 101, Boca Raton, Florida, 33431. We look forward to working with you and giving you the tools to create lasting change. To stay up to date on any news and announcements, please follow us on Facebook.