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The road to happiness begins by promoting strong mental health.

Realize Your Potential With Mental Health Counseling

Jody Morgan, LCSW, is a Boca Raton therapist intent on helping people discover life is worth cherishing. Mental health counseling is a great way to begin the journey of personal growth that leads to a more fulfilling life. Whether you are going through difficult times, living a life of uncertainty, or simply wish to grow as a person, our counselors are here to help you overcome the challenges you’re facing.

We are here to help! While we know we can’t change past painful situations, we can work together to resolve lingering emotions and behavioral patterns related to those situations.  Counseling and therapy will help you learn from past challenges to experience a happier, more fulfilling life. Speaking with a Boca Raton therapist about mental health issues is a great way to move in a new direction and begin living a more peaceful life.

Boca Raton Mental Health

Morgan Center counselors listen, understand, and resolve problems clients face every day by providing professional insight, compassionate understanding, and positive guidance. Our clinical and mental health counseling services include a wide scope of methods supported by a customized, patient-centered approach. Each session is custom tailored specifically to meet individual needs and goals. We work with our clients every step of the way so that they can experience and establish a relationship in which they feel safe and comfortable.

    Boca Raton Mental Health | Counseling Helps With…

    • Symptoms of depression, sadness, and negative thinking.
    • Feeling anxious, nervous, fearful, or experiencing panic attacks.
    • Experiencing grief from a recent death or sudden loss.
    • Living with trauma, PTSD, traumatic memories, nightmares, or flashbacks.
    • Feeling lonely and disconnected from close friends or family.
    • Believing life isn’t worth living or life is meaningless.
    • Abusing drugs or drinking alcohol excessively.
    • Impacted by physical, mental, or sexual abuse or bullying.

    Our Counseling Approach:

    Morgan Center is a patient-centered therapy center that guides you towards growth and healing in whatever focus area you want to address. Our Boca Raton counselors take a client-centered therapy approach that includes different modalities. Some of the various approaches include Individual Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), EMDR Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness and Meditation, and more. Fill out our contact form or click here schedule an appointment soon.

    Meet Our Therapist:

    Jody Morgan, LCSW has a passion for helping others, motivating him to earn his Masters Degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University and becoming an established local psychotherapist. Jody specializes in trauma therapy, grief counseling, is a certified EMDR therapist, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and has helped countless South Florida residents overcome the effects of trauma.
    Morgan Center is located at 2499 Glades Road. Ste. 101 Boca Raton, Florida 33431. If you are ready to speak with a Boca Raton therapist who can help with mental health issues, contact us online today. If you have any questions call us at (561) 717-2900. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your personal goals. For news and announcements, please follow Morgan Center on Facebook.