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What Are Your Options When Considering A Psychologist Boca Raton?

These days, the stigma of old surrounding mental health treatment has largely dissolved. This is due to years of overwhelming evidence pointing to the significance of seeking treatment and more candid discussions taking place on the topic. People all over the world are realizing the importance of tending to your mental health proactively. It is no wonder then that in our own neighborhood, more and more people are wondering if they would benefit from the services of a clinical social worker, a counselor or a psychologist Boca Raton. There are many options when it comes to seeking treatment or counseling, and Morgan Center can help you discover the best avenue for you. 


Morgan Center For Counseling and Wellbeing

At Morgan Center, you will find caring staff providing licensed clinical therapy utilizing a variety of proven methods. We know that balancing and understanding your mental health is an extremely personal and specific journey. For this reason, our therapist Jody L. Morgan, LCSW has studied extensively in the fields of clinical social work, EMDR, trauma, and clinical hypnotherapy. Fluent in both English, Spanish, and Portuguese, he has implemented tailored treatment plans for hundreds of South Florida residents. 


Our Philosophy

Jody Morgan, LCSW founded Morgan Center with the belief that the environment provided by your therapist is just as important as the methods used in therapy. By this, we mean not only the physical environment. Though that can be important in its own right. Also important is the climate of trust created by a therapist. In order for therapy to be effective, whether the discipline is psychology, social work, or counseling, a client must feel completely comfortable in the relationship built with their therapist. We provide not only the expertise but also the genuine dedication to providing our clients with a safe place to grow and heal. 


Seeking Treatment Is Hard. We Can Help. 

When more and more people are casually mentioning therapy and their own treatment, it is easy to forget that many people experience extreme anxiety at the thought of seeking professional help. We believe that the best way to combat nerves is knowledge. Both parties, Morgan Center and yourself, are full partners in the journey to understanding and strengthening your mental health. We want to equip you with all the information and strategies needed to feel comfortable and in control of your journey. This begins even before you walk through our front door. We have many resources here on our website, namely our FAQ and What To Expect Pages, to help you feel prepared for your very first and subsequent visits. For more information on the therapy methods we specialize in, you can head here to learn more about our approach. 


Even fortified with all of the knowledge in the world, we understand that there may still be worries. We are confident that these will be assuaged once you meet our attentive staff and have your questions answered in person by Jody Morgan, LCSW. You can contact us with any questions and information on how to make your visit more pleasant or to book your first session.

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