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Understanding Various Professionals in Counseling Therapy

The concept of counseling has existed for centuries and entails the need for one person to ask for help and guidance from another. Today, counseling and therapy, in a broader sense, is primarily used to help people restore and maintain their mental health in order to enrich their overall quality of life. 

The role of a trained counselor is to help people explore life’s challenges and work towards finding positive, healthy resolutions. Still, choosing between psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, and other forms of mental health professionals can itself seem overwhelming.

To help make the process of selecting the right counselor easier, it’s best to understand some of the main differences that set apart different types of mental health professionals, which we will explore below. To speak with a therapist in Boca Raton regarding your individual counseling needs, contact Morgan Center for Counseling and Wellbeing or call 561-717-2900 to learn how we can help.

Mental Health Professionals


The primary role of a psychologist is to deal with mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more severe diagnoses. Clinical psychologists frequently work in teams to provide effective assistance to a large and diverse group of ongoing clients. 

Psychologists will specialize in dealing with everything from everyday problems to extreme psychological disorders. Their approach typically is to examine how psychological and social development have affected each individual. They will also commonly be involved in ongoing research and clinical studies. They also perform various forms of testing. 

Psychiatrists (MD)

Psychiatrists are a type of medical doctor. They may hold both medical and psychology degrees and are qualified to treat mental health disorders using a combination of counseling therapy and prescription medication. 

Clients in counseling may also be referred to a psychiatrist for medication management. As such, many psychiatrists work together with psychotherapists to provide synergistic treatment.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)

Licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) are commonly utilized throughout the counseling and therapy field. An LCSW primarily focuses on the ways that their client’s challenges relate to both their personal life, environment, and social life. 

LCSWs help people to explore the relationships between their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions in order to gain personal insight. Their goal is to help connect people with the proper resources to live a more fulfilling life. An LCSW can also be trained to utilize a number of psychotherapeutic modalities, like CBT, EMDR, or even Hypnotherapy.

Counseling and Therapy in Boca Raton

Mental health professionals are an invaluable part of the healthcare system. Knowing how to choose the best option for counseling and therapy is a key part of ensuring a positive experience with lasting results.

Irrespective of the type of counseling you choose, the most important thing for any person to know is that they are not alone. Personal wellbeing and fulfillment are possible. Knowing when to reach out for professional support can help to make all the difference. 

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Counseling Therapy

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