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Depression and Anxiety Help: Deep Wounds?

Depression and anxiety are all too common in our society with our busy and demanding life-styles. Despite having so much available to us and easy connection to more and more people with the click of a button, complaints of both continue to rise. Though depression and anxiety are triggered by current stressors and circumstances, the […]

Managing Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress – Managing to Enjoy the Season Holiday stress aside, this is an exciting and inviting time of year.  The atmosphere is vibrant with the colors of celebration with family and friends.  The spark of our inner child shines with the warmth of the season and the joy it represents.  As a child, this […]

Living an Affirmative Life – an LBGTQ Discussion

The LGBTQ community faces many unique concerns . As a therapist who understands these concerns, I am honored to help you live an affirmative life and remove barriers to living your full potential. The LGBTQ community faces issues that deserve to be addressed in a responsible, supportive, and affirmative way. Whether an adolescent coming to terms with […]

Happiness as a goal?

  Happiness – we all want to be happy.  A common thread that unites people worldwide, happiness is a lifelong journey. How do we define happiness and what does it look like?  It is certainly big business.  We see this in the many self-help books that are available as well as the bombardment of television and […]

Marriage Counseling – Can it Help?

Making the decision to seek marriage counseling is often a challenging process. Fear kicks in with the uncertainty of outcome, losing control of self and partner, disclosing your personal feelings, and even admitting there is a problem. These fears are common but do not have to stop you from getting help. In my experience, couples […]

ACT Therapy (Acceptance and Commitment)

When faced with unpleasant experiences resulting in anxiety, depression, and emotional pain, it is only natural for a person to attempt to avoid such feelings and fight against them. Research has shown that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected. Each can, and does, influence the others in both positive and negative ways. Feeling depressed influences how […]

Anxiety Counseling

Hope for Fear and Anxiety “You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” – Pema Chodron Life never stands still. It is a river of moments flowing in time. It twists and turns seeming to hide what is just around the next bend. It dries up, becoming monotonous, and the floods with […]

Meditation for Anxiety

Meditation and Mindfulness, a form of meditation, are now well established in the American lexicon and can be heard in almost all areas of life from television advertisements to corporate America. Meditation, in all its forms, is a growing trend as people seek to live healthier and grounded lives in a busy and stressful world. […]